3d technology

3D Technology

At Preston Orthodontics, we utilize 3D technology to ensure the highest quality of care for you and your child. The specialized digital radiographic imaging produces 3D images that provide a unique view of the teeth and surrounding bone structure, which allows for an accurate and individualized diagnosis and treatment plan. Traditional x-ray images are 2D, flat views that may have inaccuracies and distortions; the 3D scan minimizes these distortions, allowing us to further evaluate impacted/hidden teeth, missing teeth, and jaw discrepancies.



One scan with the ultra low dose radiation 3D machine creates numerous images, where we previously required multiple radiographs to obtain similar information; though more precise with present-day technology.

This 3D technology is used for:

  • Facial analysis
  • Impacted tooth position
  • Airway assessment
  • Tongue size and posture
  • Alveolar bone evaluation
  • Surgical planning
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Assessment of cleft lip and palates
  • TMJ assessment

2D image

3D image

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